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The Cambridge University Brazilian Society and the Oxford University Brazilian Society invite researchers and graduate students to submit abstracts of their research to the X Oxbridge Conference on Brazilian Studies.

If you would like to present your research, please fill this form. We emphasise that the Conference is also open to researchers from STEM disciplines if the project is related to Brazil. Presentations will last for 10 minutes, and should be associated with one of the thematic panels: (i) Society, Politics and Culture, (ii) Health and Environment. 

Additional info

🗨 Please note: the form has to be filled in ENGLISH ONLY.

🗨 Submissions in Portuguese will not be considered.
🗨 Presentations may be given in English or Portuguese.
🗨 The conference will be broadcast via Zoom Webinar and Youtube channel. Online audience participation will be through Q&A mediated by the conference team.
🗨 Attendance certificates will be issued at the end of the Conference.
🗨 Registrations will be open until 10th September 2022. Those who wish to present a paper must fill this form. They must also provide a 300 words max abstract including subject, research problem and methodology. Presentations will be 10 mins each.
🗨 Papers will be evaluated according to topic relevance, research problem, theoretical framework and critical thinking.
🗨 Acceptances will be mailed on 15th October 2022.

Modernity and coloniality in the Brazilian thought

In the Year of the bicentenary of Brazil’s independence and the centenary of Brazilian Modern Art Week, the Oxbridge conference proposes the debate “modernity and coloniality in the Brazilian thought,” focusing on the experience of the unfulfilled promises of modernity in the so-called World periphery. Departing from the independence of Brazil to the present day, we propose the debate on the endogenous and exogenous ideas of Brazil that forged the development models in the country. How to explain the challenges of contemporary Brazil and its permanent inequalities being a central part of Latin America? This year, Oxbridge invites us to imagine other realities, possibilities, and alternative futures in Brazil’s social, economic, technoscientific, and cultural spheres, seeking to escape from a subordinate logic by proposing and engaging with new looks at what constitutes the concept of Modern. 

The time could not be more propitious for this task. Worldwide, Brazilian academics advance in their research despite the lack of resources. From vaccines to social sciences, from the environment to the economy, we open space for the presentation of researches and experience exchanges on topics relevant to the country. This year the event will feature two thematic panels: Society, Politics and Culture; and Health and Environment [Keynotes to be announced in due course].

Oxbridge 2022 encourages the submission of essays related to Brazil, with relevant and current topics, preferably addressing, albeit tangentially, the theme of the conference.

The conference

The Oxbridge conference is an annual event organised by the Cambridge University Brazilian Society (CUBS) and the Oxford University Brazilian Society (OUBS) since 2012. Oxbridge is a multidisciplinary conference that brings together researchers and students to discuss Brazil-related topics. It aims to bring the two institutions closer to promote the circulation of ideas and practices between academia and civil society in Brazil and the United Kingdom. 


The 2022 Oxbridge edition will include two days of online thematic conference on November 04 and 11.

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